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The program happens on a Thursday each month, beginning January 16th.

TIME: 1pm-3pm
LOCATION: Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center, 350 S Dahlia St, Denver * Fitness Center Entrance
COST: Free but donations accepted

Presented by professionals in the healthcare and fitness field and based in current research-based material.

  • 80% of adults over the age of 50 have at least one chronic health condition
  • 68% of older adults require some kind of long-term care assistance
  • By taking proactive, lifestyle steps, you can prevent and/or reverse chronic illness through diet, exercise, and mindfulness.

This Conscious Wellness Program assists participants to permanently improve health markers that contribute to chronic illness. Also, there is scientific evidence that learning mindfulness along with healthy lifestyle skills helps to successfully implement changes that lead to improvement in chronic conditions.

Professional experts on each topic will co-facilitate each session. In each of our sessions, healthy lifestyle topics will be presented with the opportunity for discussion, questions, and answers. We will also have experiential activities related to mindfulness, mindful eating, or both at each session. Participants will receive personalized action plans. Participants will also receive a variety of resources and educational materials. A companion workbook is available for a minimal cost that helps to set goals and track progress.


Jan 16 Program Introduction: Understanding chronic illness/chronic pain
Feb 13 Meditation for health
Mar 12 Food as medicine
Apr 16 Meal planning for healthy eating
May 14 Supplements/medications
Jun 11 Emotional regulation
Jul 16 Alternative healing modalities
Aug 13 Movement for circulation
Sept 10 Strength/fall prevention
Oct 15 Relieve chronic pain with fitness
Nov 12 Sleep
Dec 10 Healthy eating through the holidays

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