Conscious Aging

Educational programs designed to offer older adults (and those who provide services to them) the tools and resources to cope with the stresses of aging – while inspiring growth in wisdom, depth and understanding.



Are you worried about debilitating illness as you age?


Eight out of ten older adults–80%–suffer from at least one chronic illness. These illnesses include diabetes, hypertension, heart disease….and even dementia. The result is that 68% of older adults will require some kind of long-term care assistance.

Living the latter years of one’s life as patients of long-term care is a travesty! However, many have come to accept this as normal.

Do researchers know why so many are falling ill? They do know that inflammation is the cause of most chronic illness, which occurs as a result of something called insulin resistance. A person experiencing illness or emotional stress is at a greater risk for developing chronic physical health conditions than the general population because of the illness itself as well as potential consequences related to treatment of the illness.


There is scientific evidence that learning mindfulness and mindful eating/healthy lifestyle skills helps to successfully implement lifestyle changes that lead to weight control and improvement in chronic conditions.

The Conscious Wellness support group to assists participants to control their weight and permanently improve health markers that contribute to chronic illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure or other cardiovascular conditions.

In each of our sessions, mindfulness, mindful eating and healthy lifestyle topics will be presented with the opportunity for discussion, questions, and answers. We will also have experiential activities related to mindfulness, mindful eating, or both at each session. Participants will receive personalized action plans. Participants will also receive a variety of resources and educational materials. A companion workbook is available for a minimal cost that helps to set goals and track progress.



The basis for all programs is taken from the latest research in the fields of gerontology, education, psychology, spirituality and neuroscience. We’ve used this information to inform our understanding of the developmental needs of older adults and how to best facilitate one’s growth toward greater purpose, meaning and pro-social behavior.


Our programs have been tested over the past five years in many different settings including community centers, libraries, health fairs, independent and assisted living communities, churches and private practice groups. The programs also work well in many diverse socio-economic and racially diverse group settings.

What we do

Our Programs


These are two-hour learning opportunities for midlife and older adults to promote lifelong learning opportunities for people of all ages on topics related to the eight dimensions of wellness held at various locations. Gatherings give participants a chance to connect with others and learn about community resources.


Assorted workshops guide participants through the meaning of positive aging in a supportive group format. Workshops provide the skills needed to confidently grow and build a life of meaning and purpose in a supportive community. The goal is to harvest the opportunities of aging while coping with the stresses.


These are available for individual guidance, life planning, and heartfelt listening. Facilitated by a trained spiritual counselor that allows individual to discuss the challenges they are currently facing. One-on-one interactions and group formats allow for open sharing while receiving support to address these challenges. Group members learn from each but do not give advice.


Professionally facilitated communication can improve family relationships by facilitating interactions with compassion and empathy. Guided conversations emphasize proactive, non-judgmental and beneficial outcomes for everyone.


Trainings to staff and those who work with older adults to assist in understanding the developmental needs of older adults. This understanding can help in program development to more effectively meet needs and improve communication.


This is an opportunity to get your name and business out in front of an older demographic. Sponsorship entitles you to join our resource list of preferred vendors.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Founded in 2013, we bring research-based information from professionals in the community. We use this information to inform our understanding of the needs of older adults and design programming that brings the latest offerings in the field to older adults for inspiration, reflection, and social connection.

Educational Resources

Many older adults are looking for guidance, connection, and community to help fortify themselves for their aging years. We combine excellent presentations on compelling topics that matter. We deliver programs on-site and customized to each audience.

Living Deeply Weekly Discussion Group

Date and Time: Every Tuesday from 10am-noon
Location: LaFontana Condos, 4570 E Yale Ave, Community Room
Suggestion Donation: $10-$50

This is an opportunity to explore topics related to conscious aging and compassionate communication on a personal level and to learn from others in a facilitated small group format.

Upcoming Events

Conscious Wellness Events

TIME: 1pm-3pm
LOCATION: Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center, 350 S Dahlia St, Denver * Fitness Center Entrance
COST: Free but donations accepted

JAN 16 -Prevent/reverse chronic illness

FEB 13 - Meditation for health

MAR 12 - Food as medicine

APR 16 - Meal planning for healthy eating

MAY 14 - Supplements/medications

JUN 11 - Emotional regulation

JUL 16 - Alternative healing modalities

AUG 13 - Movement for circulation

SEPT 10 - Strength/fall prevention

OCT 15 - Relieve chronic pain with fitness

NOV 12 – Sleep

DEC 10 – Healthy eating through the holidays

Monthly Lifelong Learning

Time: 1pm-2:30pm
Location: Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center, 350 S Dahlia St, Denver
Cost: Free, donations accepted

JAN 23 — Denver Jewish Film Festival – Sneak Peak

FEB 20 — From Aging to Saging: Becoming an Effective Wise Elder

MAR 19 — Financial Health and Management

APR 23 — Enneagram Personality

MAY 21 — Declutter (Emotionally, effectively and logistically)

Conscious Aging Topics

TIME: 1pm-3pm
LOCATION: Evanston Center for Spiritual Wholeness and Healing, 2122 S Lafayette St, Denver (parking in the back)
COST: Free but donations accepted

JAN 29 — James Hillman’s A Force of Character

FEB 26 — Gene Cohen’s The Mature Mind

MAR 25 — Ram Das’ Still Here


Catherine Dockery, M.A.

Catherine is the author of a workbook on conscious aging. She has over 10 years of experience in individual and group facilitation and is an ordained interdisciplinary minister. Her strong background in communications, public policy, and economic development has made it possible for her to create a bridge between older adults and those professionals and businesses who serve them.

Catherine presents on aging topics at events/locations that have included the Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center, Evanston Center for Spiritual Wholeness and Healing, Encore/Boomers Leading Change Conference, Denver and Douglas County Libraries, L’Chaim2Life Conference, Heart of the Rockies Women’s Health Day, Chafee County Engaged Aging Conference, and Denver Housing Authority.


How You Can Benefit


Understand what it means to MATURE and find value in new roles.
CULTIVATE increased vitality.
Reflect on what has given HEART and MEANING to your life.
Discover renewed PURPOSE to guide new goals.
EXPLORE unexamined, self-limiting beliefs and stereotypes.
Make better and more conscious CHOICES.


Develop SELF-COMPASSION to cope more effectively with change, worry, and stress.
Enhance CONNECTIONS and reduce isolation from others by understanding our shared humanity.
Reduce fear and increase ACCEPTANCE in the presence of death and dying for ourselves and others.
Create a NEW VISION for aging.

Contact Us

If you would like to RSVP for our programs, inquire about a program specifically for your organization or you would like more information, please contact:

Center for Conscious Aging

Catherine Dockery

Denver, CO